Monday, 8 February 2016

Attaching moss to the hardscape - Yogurt method

Needed stuff:

Fissidens (about 30ml) and water (about 100ml) blend with blender:

As i need less mixture i filtrated it over the coffee filter bag:

In blended Fissidens put 30ml of RO water and one tsp of Acidofil - Acidofil is yogurt with Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria whic is good to prevent fungus:

With that mixture paint the stones on desired spots:

And when finished cover the tank with transparent foil:

Spray it with RO water at least once a day. Do this for about 2 weeks and then flood the tank:

 After 2 more weeks new growth start to appear:

A more detailed article can be found in Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine.


  1. Hi, does this technique work on lava rock also?

  2. Hey! Should i turn the lamp on in this time?

  3. Hi, yes, you can keep light on for 10-12h per day.

  4. Is it possible to do the same with a Marimo ball?

  5. I haven't try with Marimo. It is an algae and don't have rhizoids like moss so it can be a problem to stay on the hardscape after flooding.

  6. Hi does it works on riccardio pellia moss and java moss ???

  7. Hi, yes it works. Here is the test with Riccardia: